Brittany & Isaiah- Pitt Lake

I’m pretty darn proud of this shoot. Not only have I been dying to photograph at this location (which is only 20 min from where I live!!) But I have finally nailed down and feel confident in my own personal editing style! To give you a little backstory on my photography life- I have been shooting homes and Interiors for quite a while, but the editing process is COMPLETELY different. Real estate photos are supposed to be sharp, saturated, and bright. Starting up portrait photography has given me a creative outlet to find my own niche. after a lot of tweaking and practice practice practice, I have found that my personal editing style is completely opposite of real estate. I am obsessed with warm, moody (but not completely muted of color), and with a small punch of contrast. With that being said, I present to you…. Isaiah and Brittany’s album!! It doesn’t hurt that they are just the cutest couple to work with!



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