Beach Wedding in Point Roberts

The tiny town of Point Roberts, Washington was the perfect backdrop for a beautiful union. Darcy and Rand’s wedding was full of family and friends who came far and wide to celebrate the couple’s day. I felt a personal connection with these two as the they are in a similar situation as myself and my husband. An American and Canadian who are meant for each other, but knew it wasn’t the easiest route when it came to actually being together. That’s how Rand and Darcy found themselves moving to and having their wedding in Point Roberts, Washington.

Point Roberts, Washington is a unique location because it’s considered part of the United States, even though it is completely surrounded by Canada. In order to get to Point Roberts, you have to leave Washington, drive through Canada, and re-enter Washington. When you are an international couple needing access to both countries, Point Roberts is a great place to move. It is also considered a peninsula, so there’s breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean with endless miles of beach.

With its lush green forest and views of the ocean, Point Roberts provided an idyllic backdrop for their special day. Darcy and Rand held their ceremony in their brand new yard where they just purchased their first house together. They also had a craft beer toast to symbolize their first meeting at a craft brewery. The reception was just as special, with dancing under a pink sunset. Guests enjoyed sharing stories and memories of the newlyweds while celebrating the love they had for each other.

Darcy wore a sophisticated yet simple white dress, while Rand looked dashing in his navy suit and his trademark hat. Against the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, this wedding in Point Roberts was a sight to behold. shared a romantic kiss to symbolize the love they had found in each other.

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