Abbotsford Backyard Wedding

We all witnessed the impact the pandemic had on the wedding industry. Yet when it came to downsizing weddings, I have been blown away by my couples’ creativity. Like many other couples, Katie and Josué had their original venue already booked and other plans were underway when the pandemic hit. With restrictions constantly changing from month to month Katie and Josué decided it would be best to move their venue. They moved the affair to a friend’s property and create a backyard wedding. The wedding day came and went and all I could think was how special and intimate these backyard weddings feel. This day was proof that having these smaller weddings can be just as magical as any traditional wedding venue.

Katie and Josué also decided they wanted to do a very unique ‘first look’ on their wedding day. Except there was no looking at all! Katie wanted to keep the first look for when she walked down the aisle, but she also wanted to say a prayer with Josué before the ceremony to help with any jitters. So we blindfolded Josué and brought Katie to him. They held hands as they stood back to back and said a beautiful prayer together. There was so much creativity and unique moments through out the day. I applaud my couples who didn’t let the pandemic ruin their special day.

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